SmartNet: smart, reliable and cost-effective fire detection

SmartNet from Cygnus is a highly reliable wireless fire detection and alarm system which meets all relevant product standards. Not only does it rapidly detect and alert users to signs of smoke or fire, it is also resilient to false alarms. 

Unrivalled reliability

with self-forming, self-healing radio MESH network

100% Wireless

eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming cabling

EN54 certified

EN 54 and BS5839 compliant system 


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100% Wireless

As an EN54 and BS 5839 compliant system, SmartNet eliminates the need for fire resistant cabling, restrictions on device locations and multiple loops, which need to be protected against failure. There’s also no requirement for cable damage mitigation, no combustible fixings, no possibility of inadequate wiring and no risk of circuit overload. There is no need for wired boosters, translators or any other wired element, which removes the often stressful first fix stage of an installation. To speed up installation still further, the wireless mesh network system also requires no gateway expanders or loop-powered translating devices. 

In addition, the lack of substantial lengths of cabling contribute to a lower carbon footprint for your installation, as does a reduced requirement for engineers to be on site.


Reliable and Robust

SmartNet runs on Lithium battery-powered radio devices as part of a robust, self-healing mesh network technology, in which the infrastructure nodes connect directly, dynamically and non-hierarchically to provide highly efficient and robust network performance. It provides at least two communication paths (and often more) between each wireless device which – together with innovative channel-hopping technology which automatically sends a signal along the strongest path – ensures optimum network reliability and robustness. In addition, devices have a long radio range of up to 350m (unobstructed) using an omnidirectional antenna. 


Easy to Install

By eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming cabling, SmartNet dramatically reduces engineering time and overall project costs. This makes it ideal both for retrofit installations – where disruption to occupants is minimised – and for new build where project timescales are often extremely pressurised.


Easy to Adapt

The benefits of SmartNet don’t stop after installation. The absence of cabling makes it far easier to move and relocate detectors or other devices. It’s also far simpler to extend a wireless fire detection and alarm system. So wireless systems are ideal for buildings likely to be extended or renovated in the near future.


Scalable and Easy to Configure 

SmartNet enables installers to design 16, 32, 64, and 96 zone panel options, with the possibility to network up to five panels together in a single system with up to 511 devices per system. The SmartNet configuration software includes system design and full cause and effect functionality. The configuration tool runs on any Windows device and communicates to remote devices through a hard-wired or wireless connection.


Easy to Use

The touchscreen control panel offers a comprehensive overview of the system, as well as the capability to send reports and alerts about alarms, low battery and faults, which are all identifiable by location. 


EN54 Certified 

The SmartNet system comprises a range of EN54 compliant fire detection and alarm devices, suitable for permanent installation across all types of building environment. 


Wireless Everywhere

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The Cygnus SmartNet wireless fire detection and alarm system is a powerful mesh radio network capable of handling thousands of devices in one system – suitable for most industrial and commercial environments. 

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