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Cygnus SmartNet Puts Safety First For Apartment Owners

  • 12th Oct 2023

Following a recent fire risk assessment, a co-operative of apartment owners in the Cotham area of Bristol, called upon local installer Elecsec to install a fire detection and alarm system in the building. Elecsec chose to install the world’s first, 100% wireless, EN 54 certified Cygnus SmartNet system which provides the ultimate security for residents.

“The installation posed major challenges for a hard-wired system, therefore a wireless system was discovered to be the necessary option for this project early in the process,” commented Scott Chambers, Contracts Manager at Elecsec. “A building of this scale, already inhabited, would require a huge amount of labour and disruption to residents. Damage to the building, if cable were to be installed, would be extensive.”

Due to the size of the building, Elecsec opted for the SmartNet-100 range, which is ideal for small to medium sized projects, where the scalability of SmartNet-Pro is not required. 15 smoke detectors and sounder bases were installed, along with three manual call points, and three heat detectors with standard radio bases, all of which use wireless mesh technology to connect to one SmartNet-100 panel in the building. These devices were integrated across all flats and communal spaces to meet the requirements detailed in the Fire Risk Assessment. Complying with every major fire safety standard and directive, SmartNet-100 provided the perfect solution.

“We have been keen to use the Cygnus SmartNet fire detection and alarm system for some time, and it has not disappointed. We would absolutely use it for future installs. It has proven to be fantastic for a multitude of projects, and we look forward to working with Cygnus again,” Scott continued. “Using a wireless system was the best, most efficient and cleanest option for our clients and meant that we could use our time efficiently, offering a more cost-effective service.”

SmartNet-100 features renowned patented Cygnus technology. Designed to deliver a reliable and safe solution, the SmartNet-100 wireless network is run by battery powered radio devices as part of a robust, self-forming and self-healing mesh network, giving a minimum of two communication paths to each wireless device for maximum reliability. The wireless mesh network system also requires no gateway expanders or loop-powered translating devices, helping to support a quick install. For the ultimate ease, SmartNet-100 has a user-friendly configuration tool.

“Following only two days of installation, our client was extremely happy with the results. They are already seeing the benefits of wireless mesh technology, enabling them to have a wire-free system, without the need for plastering and decorating of surfaces after installation.”

Scott Chambers

Contracts Manager


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