Cygnus ALERT


Real-time monitoring

event, fault or mesh notification and monitoring platform enabling fast responses

Cloud based

information is automatically communicated through the cloud portal to the app and via SMS

Seamless integration

with the 100% wireless, EN 54 certified SmartNet fire detection and alarm systems


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The new cloud-based notification and monitoring platform solution designed to strengthen site safety. 

Using Cygnus ALERT, integrators and site administrators can receive event, fault or mesh information in real-time, enabling swift responses to on-site situations. 

Cygnus ALERT is a subscription-based cloud portal solution, accessed through a 2G and 4G cellular hardware module, with easy user management and notifications provided through the cloud portal via a windows browser or intuitive, user-friendly android app. The ability for integrators to assign engineers and also end users provides enhanced support not only to the integrator but also added benefit to on-site managers. 

Cygnus ALERT is the perfect remote notification and monitoring complement to the Cygnus SmartNet range of fire detection and alarm systems.



Learn more about the Cygnus ALERT

Real time monitoring 

Real-time information is automatically communicated to site administrators through the cloud portal to the app and via SMS, enabling prompt action to be taken, thereby, enhancing response times. It can also remotely display system information once a fault is detected to provide more in-depth detail on the issue, such as, battery status faults, mesh status, fault history.


Designed to complement SmartNet

Designed for seamless integration with Cygnus’ range of SmartNet fire detection and alarm systems, the Cygnus ALERT module can be fitted into the SmartNet control panel on-site during installation and can also be retrofitted into pre-existing installations. 


A variety of applications

Cygnus ALERT is versatile and applicable to various settings such as residential and commercial buildings, industrial facilities, transport hubs, airports, shipyards, construction sites, and other environments. The cloud portal can view and notify on multiple sites, this level of scalability ensures that the Cygnus ALERT platform is adaptable to a wide range of applications. 


Subscription based 

Cygnus ALERT users can enjoy a complementary subscription with their first purchase to provide immediate access. For continued access and uninterrupted benefits, a subscription is required beyond the initial period.


Wireless Everywhere

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The Cygnus SmartNet wireless fire detection and alarm system is a powerful mesh radio network capable of handling thousands of devices in one system – suitable for most industrial and commercial environments. 

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