About Us

Who we are


We develop and manufacture fire detection and alarm systems for commercial, industrial and construction applications.

Our extensive knowledge and experience make us an industry leader in fire safety equipment and radio communications. We offer solutions informed by the latest industry insights, technology and user experience.

What’s more, we comply with every major fire safety standard and directive. These are central to all life critical products, and it forms the basis of everything we do.

Simply, it means you can rest assured knowing that each of our products is manufactured to the highest industry standards with safety always at the core.

Our Mission

To deliver efficient, trusted, ground-breaking systems and world class support

Our vision is to spear-head wireless fire alarm technology by delivering viable, user-friendly wireless options for every hard-wired application. Learn more about our mission.

Our background

Cygnus is an independently owned developer and manufacturer of life-saving fire protection equipment, specialising in wireless fire alarm technology. The company launched with its original Cygnus Radio Evacuation Systems for construction sites, which became renowned for their range and reliability.

The name Cygnus derives from a constellation that was discovered in 1951 and is one of the strongest radio sources in the sky and reflects our development of the most powerful radio mesh network in any fire detection and alarm system.

Our Technology

The Cygnus radio has been developed to handle the toughest of sites where the changing sites conditions and environments demand a higher performance from the radio than that found in standard industry wireless linked fire system. Learn more about our technology

Our Expertise

A major innovation in wireless emergency fire, first aid and intruder alarms for construction sites and permanent work environments, the Cygnus Systems are the most successful and adaptable alarm systems on the market. Learn more about our expertise.