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SmartNet Proves To Be The Perfect Solution For Student Accommodation Buildings

  • 2nd Aug 2023

Cygnus, manufacturer of the world’s first EN 54 certified, fully wireless fire detection and alarm systems, has worked closely with London-based Fire Plus Security, to install the innovative SmartNet system at a student accommodation building in Wolverhampton.

The accommodation is a refurbished office block within close proximity of the University of Wolverhampton. The building comprises 142 self-contained studios and 15 ensuite bedrooms. It also includes around 6,000sqft of commercial space.

Fire Plus Security was chosen to install a fire detection and alarm system in each apartment, adjacent to the windows of the building as the external cladding had been deemed unsafe by the fire brigade. The installation of the system would allow the Fire Risk Level to be bought down to a habitable level.

Having to hardwire into each compartment would have caused inconvenience to each resident as well as being time consuming and aesthetically unappealing, which is why the SmartNet wireless fire detection and alarm system was chosen for this particular project. By eliminating the need for cabling during installation, a SmartNet system greatly reduces engineering time and the overall project cost. Moreover, not only does the highly reliable system rapidly detect and alert users to signs of smoke or fire, but it is also resilient to false alarms, ideal for student accommodation.

Rich Scott, CEO of Fire Plus Security, comments, “installing SmartNet, a completely wireless solution from Cygnus, allowed us to be time efficient and less disruptive to the resident of each apartment. The typical installation time for each apartment was just twenty minutes. It took two engineers a total of three and a half working days to install and commission 157 SmartNet Heat Sounders. The system is working superbly.”

SmartNet is the world’s first fully wireless, EN 54 certified fire detection and alarm system, which features renowned patented Cygnus technology. Designed to deliver a reliable and safe solution, the SmartNet wireless network is run by battery powered radio devices as part of a robust, self-forming and self-healing mesh network, giving a minimum of two communication paths to each wireless device for maximum reliability. The wireless mesh network system also requires no gateway expanders or loop-powered translating devices, helping to support a quick install. For the ultimate ease, SmartNet has a user-friendly configuration tool.

“SmartNet is a fantastic solution that is robust and a great alternative to traditional wired and wireless manufacturers. So much so, that we’ve already completed our second installation of SmartNet in a larger student accommodation building of 800 rooms for the same client in Sheffield. Mesh technology is the way forward!”

Rich Scott


Fire Plus Security

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