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Cygnus Wireless Protocol


The Cygnus radio has been developed for use on construction sites where the changing site conditions and environments demand a higher performance from the radio than that found in standard industry wireless linked fire system.

A major feature of the Cygnus alarm systems is that they can be linked via an interface unit to access control systems and release turnstiles and other access systems to ensure the safe evacuation of a site.

The SmartNet system comprises of remote wireless devices powered by an internal battery pack. Its wireless mesh technology is highly advanced and has increased radio sensitivity, providing enhanced early fire detection reducing the occurrence of unwanted or false alarms.

The SmartNet system is a newly designed network of EN 54 compliant wireless fire detection and alarm devices suitable for permanent installation across a wide range of environments. The wireless network is part of a robust self-forming and self-healing mesh network technology, providing a highly reliable system.