Case study

Wireless Fire Detection and Alarm Solution for Complex Industrial Environment

  • 26th Apr 2024

Cygnus' world first 100% wireless and EN 54 certified SmartNet-Pro fire detection and alarm solution has been installed at the Contractor's Village at Heysham Power Station 1 in Lancashire, providing reliable life-saving fire protection equipment in a challenging industrial location.

Manchester-based installer Marlowe Fire & Security worked together with its client, Equans, a provider of technical services, FM, regeneration and energy services, on the project. Marlowe Fire & Security selected Cygnus' SmartNet-Pro solution having successfully worked with the Cygnus team on several projects previously.

Challenging Setting

The Contractor's Village consists of twenty cabins, each equipped with a Detector and Manual Call Point, connected to a SmartNet-Pro Control Panel in one of the nearest cabins to the main site, alongside an interface for the signal to the main site.

"We chose SmartNet-Pro thanks to its proven reliability, robustness, and impressive installation speed. This project presented quite a challenge due to the amount of metal in the cabin construction, which would cause issues if installing a wired system, and means we needed a product with robust signal strength. Thanks to SmartNet's 100% wireless capabilities, it ensured minimal disruption to the site and was quickly deployable. We've used Cygnus products before in similar settings and we've always been impressed with the outcome and this project was no exception," commented Simon Hilton, Systems Account Manager, Marlowe Fire & Security.

Heysham Power Station 1 experiences intermittent outages for maintenance purposes. SmartNet runs on wireless radio devices as part of a robust, self-forming and self-healing mesh network technology, in which the infrastructure nodes connect dynamically to provide highly efficient and robust network performance. This ensures that the SmartNet fire detection and alarm system can keep operating through these outages for the continuous on-site safety of workers. Being 100% wireless, SmartNet not only reduces cabling complexities that would arise trying to install through metal, but also provides a scalable solution for future needs.



Successful Results

Simon Hilton commended the fast responsiveness of the Cygnus team, saying, "The support from the Cygnus team was exceptional. They were always on hand to assist us, ensuring a smooth and successful installation." Simon also highlighted the value of the Cygnus Academy one-day training session  and becoming a Cygnus Certified Installer, "the team found this hugely beneficial as it combined both theoretical and hands-on practical training to enable them to complete a successful installation." The Cygnus Academy presents a high-specification, in-person training programme, that can be carried out in two bespoke locations. Installers gain understanding and attain certification for installing SmartNet.

Geoff Copsey, EDF Energy, expressed satisfaction with the installation, stating, "The implementation of Cygnus' SmartNet-Pro system at Heysham Power Station 1 has provided us witha  reliable and robust fire detection solution. We are impressed with the system's performance and appreciate the peace of mind it brings to our operations."

About SmartNet

Utilising the renowned and patented Cygnus protocol, the EN 54 certified SmartNet-Pro offers a reliable, robust and adaptable solution that is up to twenty times faster to install than other systems. The Made in Britain registered solution rapidly detects and alerts users to signs of smoke or fire, whilst also being resilient to false alarms.

SmartNet-Pro is a 100% wireless, scalable, intelligent fire detection and alarm system. The powerful mesh network and sensitive radio receiver reduce the need for radio surveys, speed-up installation and provide a permanent solution for built environments. With the capability for 511 devices and up to 96 zones to operate on one wireless panel, a SmartNet network is built on a combination of wireless radio devices, operating on a self-forming, self-healing mesh network. Up to five panels can be networked together to form a combined solution of up to 2555 devices. 


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