Case study

Eliminating Costly Waking Watches with Cygnus’s Cutting-Edge Solution

  • 10th Jun 2024

A high-rise building in Scotland recently underwent an ambitious project to improve the safety of its occupants by carrying out internal remediation works and replace the external cladding. With costly interim measures in place, project management company, KSNPM, selected Cygnus’s EN 54 certified, 100% wireless SmartNet system as the ideal solution to provide the safety and peace of mind to residents whilst the cladding project was undertaken.

The heart of the issue lay in the fact that ongoing costly interim measures were in place, an expensive measure to ensure fire safety in the absence of a reliable fire detection and alarm system. The project team recognised this as an ongoing financial burden and sought a solution that would not only ensure safety but also eliminate the need for continual interim measures.

Scott Johnstone, Project Manager at KSNPM, commented, “We selected Cygnus’ products thanks to its flexible SmartNet solution which offered a full, straightforward installation due to its wireless capabilities. This ensured it would keep disruption to a minimum for the tenants of the building. SmartNet also allows for impressive coverage across the largescale project for the ultimate safety which was a real selling point.”

Utilising the renowned and patented Cygnus wireless self-forming and self-healing mesh protocol, SmartNet offers a reliable, robust, and adaptable solution that is up to twenty times faster to install than other systems. It is the world’s first EN 54 certified and 100% wireless fire detection and alarm system that rapidly detects and alerts users to signs of smoke or heat, whilst also being resilient to false alarms.

Installing a state-of-the-art system in a complex environment was no small feat. The primary challenge lay in gaining access to individual apartments, where heat detectors and sounders needed to be installed. “Cygnus, along with the dedicated installers, rose to the occasion. Through detailed scheduling and engagement with the end users, they were able to navigate the complexities and ensure a smooth installation process. The client and project team were delighted with the outcome of the installation. The new fire detection and alarm system not only met but exceeded our expectations,” continued Scott.

As SmartNet is 100% wireless it eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming cabling, which is extremely important in an occupied building. It ensures minimal disruption for tenants and means a system can be installed in a matter of days. The powerful mesh network reduces the need for radio surveys to speed-up installation further. The largescale project of installing into over 150 apartments took just 4 weeks to complete the majority of work, arranging and installing to suit the individual occupant’s schedules.

The SmartNet system is built on a combination of wireless radio devices, operating on a self-forming, self-healing mesh network making it a robust and reliable solution, allowing building managers to stand down the Waking Watch.

“Not only did they deliver on their promise of a cutting-edge, wireless fire detection and alarm solution, but they also provided unparalleled support and expertise throughout the project. We would recommend Cygnus without hesitation; we have already recommended the solution on other tender lists and look forward to working with them again in the future,” concluded Scott.


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