It’s Official, Cygnus Smartnet is En54 Certified

  • 24th Mar 2023

Cygnus is delighted to announce that its ground-breaking SmartNet range of wireless fire detection and alarm devices is now officially EN54 certified.

This new and innovative system requires no wired field devices and will deliver a reliable and safe solution whilst also making installation faster, easier and more cost-effective.

“We are thrilled to have achieved EN54 compliance,” comments Austen Wells, Sales Manager at Cygnus. “We have worked tirelessly from initial concept through to product delivery and it is great to have our hard work recognised and for SmartNet to be officially certified. Now this process is complete, we can launch SmartNet to the market and to you. We know that you will be as excited as us about the product once you see its capabilities and the possibilities.”

The Cygnus SmartNet system comprises a comprehensive range of EN54 compliant and Construction Products Regulation (CPR 305/2011) certified fire detection and alarm devices suitable for permanent installation across all types of building environment. These include a choice of Radio Bases, with and without Sounders and Visual Indicators; Optical Smoke, Type B Heat Detectors, PIR Detectors and a Combi detector, which has a smoke and A1R sensor, together with Ceiling and Wall-Mounted Visual Alarm Devices, Call Points and Interface.


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A fully EN54 compliant, mesh and fire detection and alarm system using the industry leading Cygnus Protocol, and suitable for all permanent environments.

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