It's Arrived! The New Cygnus Mesh Analyser

  • 4th Jul 2024

Our new Cygnus Mesh Analyser software provides an overview of a SmartNet fire detection and alarm system network, delivering a graphical display of mesh signal strengths and connection paths for each device in the system. It can also show the history of how the devices have joined the network and their previous connections to the network.

The free software can easily be downloaded from Cygnus’ customer support portal and loaded with the mesh file from the SmartNet panel. The outcome is a more efficient installation and commissioning process, ensuring installers and end-users have a robust and stable network.

"We are excited to launch the Cygnus Mesh Analyser. This technology is crucial to instil confidence for end users and equipping our installer partners with comprehensive network information at their fingertips. Installers can identify a network's strengths and see suggested actions to improve the stability of the network. With wireless technology advancing significantly in recent years, Cygnus is at the forefront of wireless fire detection and alarm systems, and there is no substitute for seeing firsthand the robustness of a system.” - Stephen Marsh, Head of Sales at Cygnus.

The History of a Network 

The Mesh Analyser software, which can be utilised on new and existing SmartNet-Pro and SmartNet-100 systems, displays an audit trail of all network events that have happened to each device on the network. For example, if they have changed the route back to the panel. It also shows primary and secondary paths so installers can have confidence that each device has dual path redundancy. The individual signal strengths are also displayed for each device.

As well as seeing the mesh status, installers can download a PDF report which outlines the health of the network and has suggested actions that could improve and strengthen the mesh network.

Effortlessly Advanced

Stephen continues, “The technology in our SmartNet range is incredibly advanced, yet the product remains simple and user-friendly. It's 100% wireless and requires no translator, making it a game changer for the industry. With the Cygnus Mesh Analyser, we can effortlessly showcase just how impressive the SmartNet system and the self-forming and self-healing mesh technology truly is."

To learn more about the Cygnus Mesh Analyser, check out our SmartNet range.


The scalable SmartNet-Pro, ranging from a panel capability of 511 devices and up to 96 zones, with the ability to network up to 5 panels providing a combined solution of 2555 devices.

The versatile SmartNet-100, enabling systems with up to 100 devices from one control panel, Cygnus ensures a fire detection and alarm system to meet diverse project requirements.