School's Out, Safety’s In

  • 14th May 2024

As classrooms empty for the holidays, educational institutions are presented with a unique opportunity to enhance safety measures onsite. With the hustle and bustle of daily routines paused, the school holidays provide the perfect window for upgrading fire detection and alarm systems. At Cygnus, we understand the importance of seamless safety solutions, which is why our world first EN 54 certified and 100% wireless SmartNet range stands out as the ideal choice for schools looking to prioritise safety.

Quick Installation, Minimal Disruption

Traditional wired systems often pose logistical challenges during installation, leading to disruptions in daily activities. Being 100% wireless, our SmartNet fire detection and alarm system is up to 20 times faster to install than other wired systems by eliminating the need for wired boosters, translators or any other wired element. Without the need for extensive cable laying or structural modifications, the upgrade process is streamlined, ensuring a smooth transition. It allows for rapid installation, minimising disruptions to ongoing operations.


Educational premises come in various sizes and configurations, making scalability a crucial factor when choosing fire safety solutions. SmartNet offers unparalleled scalability, allowing schools to expand their fire detection systems as needed without significant infrastructure changes. Whether it's adding new buildings or expanding existing faciities, SmartNet seamlessly adapts to evolving requirements, providing a future-proof solution for long-term safety. SmartNet operates on a self-forming, self-healing mesh netwi=ork using the renowned and patented Cygnus protocol for unrivalled reliability.

Our range consists of SmartNet-Pro and SmartNet-100. SmartNet-Pro is ideal for larger scale applications and offers a reliable, robust and adaptable solution. It has the capability for 511 devices and up to 96 zones to operate on one wireless system. Up to five panels can be networked together providing a solution of up to 2555 devices. On the other hand, if you're looking at small to medium sized applications where the scalability of SmartNet-Pro is not required, then SmartNet-100 is the answer. This solution allows installers to design a system featuring up to 100 devices from one control panel.

Remote Monitoring

We recently launched our Cygnus ALERT remote notification and monitoring platform, a key enhancement to our SmartNet range. The cloud-based solution strengthens site safety and means integrators and site administrators can receive event, fault, or mesh information in real-time, enabling swift responses to on-site situations. This offers peace of mind to integrators, site administrators and everyone on the premises.

It's a Success Story

Elmwood primary school, based in South Woodham Ferrers, previously toook advantage of the May half term holiday to update itsfire alarm system which was over 15 years old and starting to fail. Installers, Blake Fire & Security Systems and Cygnus' distributor Illumino Ignis (Kent) Ltd (IIKL) supplied and installed 130 SmartNet devices, which took just 4 days to install. 

Rory Foster, Fire Safety Systems Manager at Blake Fire & Security Systems, commented: "Following the installation of the SmartNet wireless fire alarm, the school was very impressed with how good the system looks and how easily and professionally it was installed. We would highly recommebd the Cygnus system to all sorts of premises due to its reliability, ease and speed of installation, lack of mess, and its user-friendly functionality."

Read the full case study here.

Summer Holidays are the Ideal Time

The summer holidays offer a rare opportunity for uninterrupted maintenance and upgrades. With classrooms empty and hallways quiet, installers can work efficiently to install and configure Cygnus 100% wireless fire detection and alarm system, SmartNet, without disrupting educational activities or building aesthetics or integrity. By utilising this downtime effectively, schools can enter the new academic year with enhanced safety measures in place, ensuring peace of mind for students, staff and parents alike. 


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