Introducing SmartNet-100

  • 5th Oct 2023

At Cygnus we never stop innovating. Building on the hugely successful launch of the original SmartNet-Pro fire detection and alarm system, we are back with the smart, reliable and cost effective SmartNet-100 range. 

SmartNet-100 delivers a 100% wireless, EN 54 certified, robust fire detection and alarm system that allows for a maximum of 100 devices on the network making it ideal for small to medium sized projects where the scalability of SmartNet-Pro is not required.

“When we launched our ground-breaking SmartNet-Pro system earlier this year, we were thrilled with the response we received from the industry,” comments Austen Wells, Sales Manager at Cygnus. “Its speed of install and reliability set it apart from other wired solutions. We want to ensure this system is available for all applications, which is why we have launched SmartNet-100. Small to medium sized projects often cannot afford the downtime, the disruption, or the expense of fitting a wired fire detection and alarm system but SmartNet-100 answers these requirements with a fast and cost-effective solution.”


So, what’s different? 

SmartNet-100 allows installers to design a system featuring up to 100 devices from one control panel. As with the SmartNet-Pro, the network is built on a combination of battery powered radio devices, operating on a self-forming, self-healing mesh network using the renowned and patented Cygnus protocol across 10 frequency channels operating at 865-868 MHz. The control panel is mains power operated.

By eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming cabling, SmartNet-100 dramatically reduces engineering time and overall project costs. With a maximum of 100 devices allowed on the network and one control panel, configuration is a simple process. There is also no need for wired boosters, translators or any other wired element, which removes the often stressful first fix stage of an installation. The wireless mesh network system also requires no gateway expanders or loop-powered translating devices, which speeds up installation further.

“Its speed of install and reliability set it apart from other wired solutions.”

Austen Wells

Your favourite features are still included 

SmartNet-100 is still up to twenty times faster to install than other systems and rapidly detects and alerts users to signs of smoke or fire, whilst also being resilient to false alarms.

The system comprises fire detection and alarm devices suitable for permanent installation across all types of building environment. These include a choice of Radio Bases, with and without Sounders and Visual Indicator Detectors. There is also a range of detector heads available including Optical Smoke, Type B and A1R Heat Detectors, Combi Sensor Detectors including Smoke and PIR or Smoke and A1R Heat options, together with Ceiling and Wall-Mounted Visual Alarm Devices, Call Points and fire alarm interface.

Just as with the SmartNet-Pro system, SmartNet-100 holds the Made in Britain protected collective mark and is both EN 54 certified and BS 5839 compliant providing peace of mind to installers and end users that the system meets all relevant standards.

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To install Cygnus SmartNet-100, installers need to attend training at the Cygnus Academy.

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