SmartNet Pro

SmartNet Control Panel, 64 zone, 868 MHz - with zone LEDs



The SmartNet Control Panel offers the latest in indication and full cause and effect functionality. It’s ideal for use in any commercial, industrial or heritage environment due to its large touch screen display and multiple user levels.

What’s more, it is designed and manufactured to meet EN 54-2, EN 54-4 and EN 54-25 standards. It can also be installed, serviced and maintained in accordance with BS 5839-1. The control panel transmits wirelessly and is mains powered with a battery backup facility, built to last up to four days.The Cygnus configuration tool programs the overall system and individual devices - this makes installation easy.

Control Panel messages include alarms, pre-alarms, low battery alerts, and faults – all identifiable by location.

Wireless Everywhere

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The Cygnus SmartNet wireless fire detection and alarm system is a powerful mesh radio network capable of handling thousands of devices in one system – suitable for most industrial and commercial environments. 

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