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A fully EN54 compliant, mesh fire detection and alarm system using the industry leading Cygnus Protocol, and suitable for all permanent environments.


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About us

Cygnus is an independently owned manufacturer of life-saving fire protection equipment, specialising in wireless fire alarm technology.

The company began with its original Cygnus radio evacuation systems for constructions sites, which became renowned for their range, reliability and performance. Combined with world class technical and customer support, Cygnus delivers efficient, trusted and ground-breaking systems.

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Who we are

Our mission is to deliver efficient, trusted,ground-breaking systems and world-class support.

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The most powerful radio mesh network

Cygnus Systems: Wireless fire detection and alarm systems

A fully wireless, scalable, intelligent construction fire and emergency detection and alarm system with first aid functionality. The powerful mesh network and sensitive radio receiver reduce the need for radio surveys and speeds-up installation and provides a permanent solution for built environments. Uses the renowned Cygnus Protocol, a wireless network of battery-powered radio devices that create a self-forming and self-healing network and from 2023, the world’s first EN 54 compliant construction fire and emergency detection and alarm system, including the control panel

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Evolution Fire & Safety

“We’re really excited about SmartNet and the benefits it brings to our clients and our business. This particular installation was quick and easy, only taking one day to complete, and the system can be easily extended or adapted in the future. Cygnus offered high quality customer care throughout the process, and we look forward to working with them again on future projects.”

Ian Cookson


Evolution Fire & Safety Ltd

European Regional Development Fund

Cygnus recieved funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the Academy/Centre of Excellence