Introducing Cygnus Smartnet: A Breakthrough In Fully Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

  • 24th Mar 2023

Cygnus is set to revolutionise fire detection and alarm systems with the launch of its new and entirely wireless, EN54 compliant SmartNet range.

This new breakthrough system will deliver a reliable, safe solution, significant reductions on fire alarm installation times as well as reduced costs for fire alarm installers, specifiers, M&E contractors and consultants.

The Cygnus SmartNet system comprises a comprehensive range of EN54 compliant and Construction Products Regulation (CPR 305/2011) certified fire detection and alarm devices suitable for permanent installation across all types of building environment. These include a choice of Radio Bases, with and without Sounders and Visual Indicators; Optical Smoke, Type B Heat Detectors, PIR Detectors and a Combi detector, which has a smoke and A1R sensor, together with Ceiling and Wall-Mounted Visual Alarm Devices, Call Points and Interface.

With the capability for 511 devices to operate on one wireless system, a SmartNet network is built on a combination of these battery powered radio devices, operating on a self-forming, self-healing mesh network using the SmartNet wireless protocol across 10 frequency channels operating at 865-868 MHz. A minimum of two communication paths to each wireless device and innovative channel-hopping technology makes the network extremely reliable, protecting against the risk of broken communication links, network redundancy and interference. In addition, SmartNet devices feature a long radio range, extending up to 350m (unobstructed), with the help of a 360 o directional antenna. SmartNet enables installers to design 16, 32, 64, and 96 zone panel options with the possibility to network up to five panels together in a single system.

“This ground-breaking wireless system is a game changer for installers,” explains Austen Wells, Sales Manager at Cygnus. “For the first time, it offers the sector a fully wireless system, which is quick and easy to install, and can be scaled effectively from small to large installations. As this system is designed to be fitted by SmartNet Certified Partners, Cygnus offers full training and technical support to its partners. SmartNet brings significant operational and installation benefits of wireless technology to the market, with no need for wired boosters, translators or any other wired element, it removes the often stressful first fix stage of an install.”

By eliminating the need for cabling during installation, a SmartNet system greatly reduces engineering time and the overall project cost. This enables faster and easier installation on new buildings, where project timescales are often extremely pressurised. It also opens up the retrofit opportunity since wireless installation minimises occupant disruption and reduces the cost of rewiring. The wireless mesh network system also requires no gateway expanders or loop-powered translating devices to speed up installation still further.

As a BS 5839 and EN54 compliant system, SmartNet eliminates the need for fire-resistant cabling, restrictions on device locations and multiple loops, which need to be protected against failure. SmartNet also offers superior safety as there is no requirement for cable damage mitigation, no
combustible fixings, no possibility of inadequate wiring and no risk of circuit overloading or high circuit loads.

SmartNet is configured and commissioned using a Windows-based configuration tool on a PC, tablet or mobile device. The software includes an easy-to-use menu to guide engineers through each stage of the configuration and commissioning process, making the installation process as easy as possible. The tool also permits system diagnostics using any Windows device.

The SmartNet touch screen Control Panel offers a comprehensive overview of the system as well as the capability to send reports about the alarms, low battery alerts, and faults, which are all identifiable by location. SmartNet is compliant with all relevant EN54 standards and can also be
installed, serviced, and maintained in accordance with BS 5839-1.

To become a Cygnus Certified Partner, installers need to attend training at the Cygnus Academy – for more details get in touch here: For more information visit,


About Cygnus

Cygnus is an independently owned developer, manufacturer and importer of life-saving fire protection equipment, specialising in wireless fire alarm technology. The company began with its original Cygnus radio evacuation systems for constructions sites, which became renowned for their range, reliability and performance. Combined with world class technical and customer support, Cygnus is spearheading the increased deployment of wireless fire alarm technology by delivering viable, user-friendly wireless options for every hard-wired application.

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