Where we came from

Our Background

Who we are

Cygnus is an independently owned manufacturer and importer of life-saving fire protection equipment with a focus on wireless fire alarm technology.


Where did the name Cygnus come from?

The name Cygnus derives from a constellation that was discovered in 1951 and was found to be 500 million light years away. The radiation from the constellation is thought to be a million times as powerful as that from the Milky Way making it one of the strongest radio sources in the sky.

This constellation forms a swan shape and the Latin word for the swan family is Cygnus.

Cygnus is a fitting name for our system as a symbol of:

  • – excellence
  • – signal distance and strength
  • – reliability and longevity


Cygnus Wireless Alarm System



Cygnus has been used on construction sites since 2014 and set the benchmark for high-performing wireless fire detection and emergency protection alarm systems. Cygnus continues to protects construction sites throughout the UK and around the world, though many construction companies now choose the additional benefits of the new Cygnus SiteNet system for enhanced site protection.  Click for more info on the Cygnus Wireless Alarm System.

CYGIOU Cygnus Input / Output Interface Unit

CYG6 Cygnus Base Panel

CYG5 Cygnus First Aid Alert Point

CYG2F Cygnus Fire Call Point & First Aid Alarm

CYG1 Cygnus Control Panel

CYG2 Cygnus Fire Call Point Alarm

CYG3L Cygnus Heat Detector

CYG4L Cygnus Smoke Detector

AUTODI03 GSM Auto Dialler