Now is the time to up-skill with wireless fire alarm technology

Cygnus Academy

You’re a fire detection and alarm installation company with a solid portfolio of hard wired installations. But have you ever considered the advantages of upskilling to install wireless fire systems as well?

What are the benefits to you? 

  • Relatively straightforward installation
  • Wiring and associated costs are eliminated, leaving you free to price competitively and profitably
  • Minimise or eliminate labour associated with drilling, chasing plasterwork and making good
  • Fuss free, quick and clean installation
  • Installing wireless systems puts you in a strong position to quote for installations in historic buildings, and where aesthetics and maintaining the building’s fabric are important 

How do you upskill your engineers so that they can competently install wireless fire systems? One of the best ways is to take advantage of the Cygnus Academy, a high quality training hub for those wanting to train in wireless systems installations in general and our SmartNet system in particular.

The Cygnus Academy 

The Cygnus Academy provides a modern, comfortable and fully equipped environment where you can complete the one-day SmartNet training course to become a Cygnus Certified Partner. The training room accommodates up to eight people and the course combines both theoretical and hands-on practical training, to enable participants to complete successful installations. Topics covered include:

  • SmartNet wireless technology overview
  • Site and system configuration
  • System installation
  • Setting up the mobile app
  • Diagnostics and fault-finding

On completing the training course, your engineers will be able to design and fit a system correctly, and provide a high quality service to your customers.

Reliable, robust and easy to install wireless fire detection and alarm systems are a huge growth opportunity for installers. Becoming a Cygnus Certified Partner transforms that opportunity into a business reality, with a system that is quick and simple to install and can be scaled effectively from small to large installations.