How to be sustainable

Cygnus Academy

It’s not that easy to be sustainable when it comes to designing and installing fire safety systems.

Because fire safety systems are life safety systems, those aspects tend to trump any quick and easy solutions to increase sustainability. But by selecting a wireless fire detection and alarm
system, you can go some way towards increasing sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of your installation.

Why wireless?

By specifying wireless, you are automatically saving the earth’s resources  in terms of superfluous cabling, as well as drilling, chasing plasterwork and making good, together with all the additional labour and consequent 
travel to and from site this requires. And by dramatically reducing installation time, there is far less disruption to the client organisation, enabling it to continue to function as close to normally as possible. 

Once the system is installed, remote management, system checks and diagnosis of the system means less need for engineers and managers to travel to site, making another contribution towards reducing emissions. And if a site visit is necessary, remote fault finding means an engineer comes equipped with the correct tools and parts, and need only visit once for a first time resolution of the problem.

What is Cygnus doing to be sustainable?

In addition, Cygnus is on a journey to reduce its carbon emissions and eliminate its impact on climate change, with the objective of being carbon neutral by 2030. Over time, we will reduce the energy we consume and secure energy supply from sustainable sources. The leadership team is also dedicated to ethical and socially responsible business practices.

The Cygnus Sustainability Promise stems from the heart of the organisation. We are dedicated to the long-term health of our planet through excellent environmental practices. By doing so we make a promise to achieve zero carbon by 2030. On this journey, we want to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals too – through the products we manufacture and the services we provide.

Cygnus products are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom at our Hereford production facility, and we source components and raw materials from local or regional suppliers wherever possible. We also provide a battery recycling service, replacing used batteries with new ones, and even taking the old batteries away for recycling.

Reducing energy consumption is a key pillar in the Cygnus sustainability strategy. The electricity Cygnus sources will be 100% renewable by 2030 and it is phasing out the use of natural gas for heating our buildings. Equipment and appliances are powered down when not in use, and empty buildings are not being heated. The Cygnus petrol and diesel powered vehicle fleet will also be fully replaced with electric and hybrid vehicles by 2030.