The Original Cygnus System



The Cygnus radio has been developed for use on construction sites where the changing site conditions and environments demand a higher performance from the radio than that found in standard industry wireless linked fire system. A major feature of the Cygnus system is the optional control panel which offers sophisticated capability. The system also has the ability to test all units and has an evacuate function which will act as a call point to the rest of the alarm units.

CYGIOU Cygnus Input / Output Interface Unit

CYG6 Cygnus Base Panel

CYG5 Cygnus First Aid Alert Point

CYG2F Cygnus Fire Call Point & First Aid Alarm

CYG1 Cygnus Control Panel

CYG2 Cygnus Fire Call Point Alarm

CYG3L Cygnus Heat Detector

CYG4L Cygnus Smoke Detector

AUTODI03 GSM Auto Dialler