SmartNet Pro

Red Sounder base, VID (Red) with Red blanking Plate


Blanking Plate (Red)

  • To complete a radio base unit when no detector or VAD is required

Sounder VID Radio Base (red with red ring)

  • Certified to EN 54-25 and EN 54-3
  • Range of detector heads including optical smoke, heat, and combi sensors
  • The wireless addressable base enables communication between the detector and control panel through the patented Cygnus wireless protocol
  • Separate interlocking ceiling mount plate for easy installation
  • Easy to remove with ceiling detector pole
  • Completely wireless
  • Gloss red design 
  • Battery operated with a minimum three-year battery life
  • 32 sounder tones
  • Visual Indicator (VI) ring flashes in alarm mode
  • Addressable through the SmartNet configuration tool
  • Locking detector and base mechanism for enhanced security
  • Ultra-low powered device – 3.6v nominal
  • Service engineer reporting tool with battery life indication